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$12.75 list($19.99)
1. Train Simulator
2. Excalibur Electronic 915-3 King

1. Train Simulator
by Microsoft
list price: $19.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00005B4AS
Catlog: Video Games
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Sales Rank: 440
Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
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Train Simulator takes the obsessive realism ofMicrosoft's best-of-breed Flight Simulator games down to earth. Sixreal-world rail lines are included from throughout history, includingthe Flying Scotsman line of 1920s England and the modern OdakyuElectric Rail commuter line in Tokyo. Attendees at the National ModelRailroad Association's August 2000 convention marveled at the game'spainstaking attention to detail. But this game is not a model railroadgame; it simulates the real thing. The game's developers traveledacross the world with cameras and microphones in order to authenticallycapture the trains in their natural habitats. Train Simulatorlets you experience the world's greatest trains in all their glory.

Train aficionados can drive the train, run the rail yard, or dive inwith the terrain editor and create the rail lines of their dreams. Oryou can just sit back, relax, and admire the beautiful scenery anddreamy click-clack of the tracks. --Andrew S. Bub ... Read more

Reviews (143)

5-0 out of 5 stars Great game for train lovers!
If your a train lover you will probally like it alot! IT allows you to be right up with the controls of many locomotives, it has superb graphics and great sound. If you are looking for realism this is the game for you. The sounds of the trains are exact and there is doppler effect. For those who don't know how to drive a train there is tutorials that teach you how to operate steam, electric and diesel locomotives. If you don't feel like driving you can take a train ride and be the passenger. The scenery is fantastic it looks just like it would in real life. The passenger trains are very fun to drive, beacause you on a tight shcedule and there are many hazards along the way such as animals on the track, wheather, damaged track, broken signals and more. It also provides the challenge of freight trains. Also there are hundreds of downloads and add-ons for it! So if you like trains and realism I highly recomend this game.

1-0 out of 5 stars Bad, bad, bad
Unless you need something to put you to sleep, you can skip this one.Given, It was originally published in 2001, so the graphics could be much better, but in the end this is just a very boring game.Essentially, you get to drive a range of different trains, but there is none of the strategy you find in something like Rail Road Tycoon.

4-0 out of 5 stars Great fun
I purchased this game a couple of years ago, after the initial release. For one reason or another, I ended up getting rid of it. But I just had to re-purchase this game. It was a little cheaper this time around, considering the game has been out some time already.

My decision to purchase this game, twice, should reflect how much I enjoyed this game.

I personally like to play a "free" activity, and my favorite is to take the steam engine on the Northeast Corridore tracks. When driving any of the trains, play with full manual controls for the best effect.

The steam engine has a slightly steep learning curve, but it's definately worth it. Twisting the valves, opening the firebox, shovling coal, all these things (when done manually) can lend a great sense of realism to the game. To the point where I can imagine myself sweaty and grimy, sailing ~60mph trying to keep this infernal contraption from derailing! And yes, make sure you turn derailments ON, and switch to an external view as you realize, with horror, that you just cannot make that curve...

5-0 out of 5 stars Superb Experience-Gotta love Trains
I totally agree with the Customer from Idaho and others - it really gives you a real life experience, and can bean"addictive" experience
I run it on Windows 2000 and have no problems of downloading and crashing.I hesitate to say but have the impression Windows XP doesn't have enough "steam" for it.Also you need a good graphics/video card.My real joy is driving the steam trains - Deisels don't have the same degree of difficulty - !!!! Ever slid back down a steep gradeor gone nowhere with a Deisel.

5-0 out of 5 stars Train Sim.
I really enjoyed this game. When i first bought it i had a little problem installing it but that was on behalf of my computer. The game is very realistic, it clears your mind, and helps relax you. There are some challenging parts but what game is fun when you can beat it in the first hour you play it. I gave this game 5 stars because i really like the softwear Microsoft makes. So if anyone is interested in Trains then this is one of the best games on the market money can buy, and not to mention this game is cheap. ... Read more

2. Excalibur Electronic 915-3 King Arthur Chess Set
by Excalibur Electronic

(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00012QCSQ
Catlog: Kitchen
Manufacturer: Excalibur Electronic
Sales Rank: 8468
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • Unique 7-digit LCD allows player to play with or without chess pieces
  • Over 1000 Level Setting Combinations with a strength rating of 1750
  • Position Score Evaluation
  • Will give player his own personal rating after each game and store it in memory to track improvement
  • Keeps a tally of wins, losses and draws

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