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    $37.99 list($39.99)
    1. GTR FIA GT Racing Game
    $18.99 $18.39 list($19.99)
    2. Star Wars: Knights of the Old
    $18.99 $18.46 list($19.99)
    3. Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
    $24.63 list($49.99)
    4. Super Smash Bros. Melee
    5. Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi
    6. Sony PSOne Console
    7. Mario Kart 64
    $14.68 list($39.99)
    8. Frogger Advance
    $15.33 list($39.99)
    9. Final Fantasy IX
    $59.99 list($149.99)
    10. Sega Dreamcast Console
    11. Game Boy Advance Console in Glacier
    $12.49 list($49.99)
    12. Luigi's Mansion
    $47.49 list($49.99)
    13. Star War Battlefront (Mac)
    $34.54 list($34.99)
    14. Super Mario World
    $19.99 list($29.99)
    15. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004:
    $36.55 list($59.99)
    16. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's
    17. Nintendo GameCube Console - Indigo
    $18.99 $16.72 list($29.99)
    18. Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
    $15.00 $13.29 list($19.99)
    19. Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel
    $47.99 list($19.99)
    20. Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds

    1. GTR FIA GT Racing Game
    by Viva Media
    list price: $39.99
    our price: $37.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00092CJLW
    Catlog: Video Games
    Manufacturer: Viva Media
    Sales Rank: 77
    Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • Cockpit design alike actual car models
    • Original FIA GT Series cars and courses
    • Real racing teams featuring more than 70 racecars, including the Porsche 996, Viper GTS-R, BMW Z3 M, and Ferrari 550 Maranello
    • Car physics based on actual racecar telemetry data
    • Sounds recorded from actual racecars

    Reviews (3)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Best racing sim on the market
    This is, without doubt, the best racing sim on the market. Models are outstanding, physics are tops, sounds are awesome, support is excellent, and the 3 new add-ons are definitely meant for the American market: the creators of GTR have already added 3 ovals to satisfy left-turn-itis... You have 3 levels of difficuly: Arcade, Semi-pro, and Simulation. Simulation is very difficult, while Arcade is quite easy. Lots of cars, lots of tracks, lots of options. Have fun!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars drivers heaven !
    this is the best experience i have ever made in racing game !
    forget about gran tourismo 4. i am now on the game since 1 week and playing it nearly 12 hours a day. my opinion now, this is the most realistic and hardcore game of all categories...

    and i love the porsche`s in it... :-)

    5-0 out of 5 stars GTR FIA GT Racing Game PC
    If you have any interest in racing games, and you own a PC, then this is the game for you. Two words: Incredibly Detailed. You can customize nearly every aspect of the game.For example, want to drive in the cockpit view but can't see over the dashboard? No problem - use the hotkeys to adjust the drivers seat. You can even tell the game to add driver head movement so you can actually look through a turn the way real drivers do.You can adjust every part of the car to make it handle exactly how you want it to handle.
    The graphics are fantastic.You can adjust so many graphic settings that it should run on most computers.The car detials are exact, though most of the race car sponsors are unfamiliar to me.The cars have different paint schemes and customizations.Even the cockpits are exact replicas of the real sports cars.
    The gameplay is near perfect.That is, you can modify the game to make it as hard as you want it to be.The cars all exhibit real physics with down forces and tire wear just to name a few.The game gives you three modes to play, from Arcade mode to Simulation.Remember, this game is designed as a simulator, so the game has a steep learning curve.I recommend a good two analog stick game pad to get the most out the game. And practice changing the setting to make the game comfortable to play.
    Overall, the game is fun and deep, with excellent graphics and sound.What more could you want in your race car driving simulation?

    ---Update: For a game with so many settings, you can't adjust the number of laps in the arcade mode.Seems like they should have added that.Also, the game is very hard.I have spent most of my time playing in Arcade mode.Just be prepared to practice, ... Read more

    2. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for PC
    by Lucas Arts Entertainment Co. LLC
    list price: $19.99
    our price: $18.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00006IR62
    Catlog: Video Games
    Manufacturer: Lucas Arts Entertainment Co. LLC
    Sales Rank: 19
    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    The Star Wars universe is expanded and enhanced in this action-packed game. You'll interact with droids, Wookies, Jedi and more as you battle across the galaxy. Travel to a total of 10 awesome worlds—both familiar and new. May the force be with you. ... Read more


    • ESRB Rating: Teen
    • Genre: Action/Adventure
    • Mission: The ongoing battle between the Jedi and the Sith rages on. Your actions determine the outcome of this colossal galactic war—and your destiny as a Jedi
    • Platform: Windows 98/98SE/Me/2000/XP

    Reviews (206)

    1-0 out of 5 stars Play tester anyone?
    I couldn't give this game a "fun" rating, because you have to be able to play a game to know if it's any fun.I ranked it a 1 because I certainly didn't have any fun with this product.

    KOTOR didn't allow me that opportunity.

    When I loaded the game, the framerate was something like 5 frames per second, and that was just the main menu screen.Once I got into the actual game, it ran at about 2 fps.

    It's not like I was playing this on an overclocked 486 either.This was on a brand new computer that I had literally bought the week before I tried to play this game.

    My specs:

    Compaq Presario 4012 notebook
    AMD Athlon 64 3200+ processor
    512MB of RAM
    ATI Mobility Xpress 200 graphics card

    I spent three days mucking about with Bioware's tech support forums before I got an email back from Bioware's tech support that told me that ATI graphics cards in the family that my graphics card is in are incompatible with this game.If I wanted to play it, I'd need a card from NVIDIA.

    Gee, that would have been nice to know before buying the game.Maybe they could have put something in the system requirements (Far Cry, for example, lists the compatible graphics cards in the system requirements)

    Furthermore, that doesn't explain the fact that the reviewers at Gamespot (who for some inexplicable reason gave the game an 8.8 ranking) noted that they game flat-out wouldn't play on three of the four systems they tried it on.These are professional game reviewers.Surely, if a system exists that could handle this game, they would have more than one.(And one that it crashed frequently on, I might add)

    The review is here:

    It's obvious that Bioware developed this game for one hardware configuration, and didn't playtest it on anything that didn't match that configuration.Bioware is currently blaming ATI for faulty drivers-- adbicating any responsibility they have to release a product that actually works as advertised.

    Here's a word of advice:Before you buy this game-- or any game from Bioware-- make darn sure you contact their tech support staff and ask them if the game will work with your specific hardware setup.And don't accept a "should work" answer either.Otherwise, you might just wind up with a very expensive set of shiny coasters.

    5-0 out of 5 stars GREAT GAME

    5-0 out of 5 stars Awsome Game
    One of the best games i ever played, great story, really 2 different games choosing light or dark sides, highly recommend to anyone, even not star wars fans, great game.

    5-0 out of 5 stars PlayStation 2 version
    I have this game in the PlayStation 2 version.It's a great game.I would like to sell it if anyone is interested.

    5-0 out of 5 stars the best video game of all time!
    if that doesnt say it all,i will elaborate.this is a star wars role playing pick this dude,gather droids,a wookie,some soldiers,some jedis and such then travel many planets and getting into all sorts of high adventure!you can choose from a long list of force powers to have.there are weopons practicly falling out of the trees.unlike older rpgs,you have control of your characters during can even customize weopons with all sorts of cool upgrades.theres a lot of stuff to do but it is highly could pay very little attention to the actual story and still become powerful just fighting monsters.then theres a few more cool is you can coax just about anybody into a remember the old days when a king just told your guy off and sent him on a perilous journey then screwed him out of his money later?well now,if he tells you off,you can dismember him and if you dont want to do the job,you dont have to.if he screws with you,more often than not you can force choke him or blast no more putting up with mouthy npc authority typeson a power trip!the other really cool thing is you dont have to be a good guy you can go to the dark side if youd like.every decision you make can ultimately lead to a dark or light side point being are some examples of bad things that can get you dark side points.............using the jedi mind trick to force a wookie to kill his best friend,or using it to make someone commit suicide,refusing to pay docking fees,smuggling,killing witnesses,going to sith school.the story even changes for whatever style guy you run.but ultimately,you fight the same last boss,just under different circumstances.this is definately worth checking out! ... Read more

    3. Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy for PC
    by Lucas Arts Entertainment Co. LLC
    list price: $19.99
    our price: $18.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000A2MCN
    Catlog: Video Games
    Manufacturer: Lucas Arts Entertainment Co. LLC
    Sales Rank: 18
    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    This game lets you customize your character by choosing species, gender, clothing, and more and then create a custom light saber to do battle against the forces of Darth Vader. ... Read more


    • ESRB Rating: Teen
    • Genre: Action/Adventure
    • Mission: Learn the true ways of the Force from Jedi Master Luke Skywalker
    • Platform: Windows 98/98SE/Me/2000/XP

    Reviews (92)

    4-0 out of 5 stars firebrand, your pc is a load of rubbish
    hey, last time i checked "P4 3.0 Ghz, 512 MB of RAM, and an ATI Radeon X300 SE with 128MB of Video Ram" is NOT a "powerhouse pc". it wasnt even a powerhouse pc 1 year ago. most pc's have been running a gig of ram for over a year. and last time they checked, they had to overclock a 3.6/3,8 ghz p4 processor to like 5ghz to match an fx55, so your processor is crap. 3.4ghz has been the standard for over a year now in most new pc's.
    most gamers also use 256mb cards.

    also your graphics card is also the cheapest, lowest range card ati do since yours is x300 and they go right up to x850,lol.
    plus its a dell, which shows how ignorant you are about "power computers".
    so yeah, dont moan and say u got a powerhouse pc, because all u got was a really rubbish spec'd pc, no doubt for a very cheap price from dell.

    5-0 out of 5 stars I CANT WAIT TO GET IT
    I want this game so much it sounds like fun espically the plot. Im looking foward to playing out my favorite battle in the series the battle between maul,qui gonn,and obi-wan!!I WANT THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4-0 out of 5 stars best internet play ever!!
    this games play is good.i was just finished with another game and board so i looked through my games i came acrose jedi academy i thought hmm could be good then i saw the multiplayer option and i was hocked!!! i ended up playing loads this game is ot only fun i realised it was also addictive.starwars fans or people who like slashing people with light sabers this is for you!!!!!!!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Fun, awesome star wars action, one complaint
    first the complaint.I just bought myself a Dell Dimension 8400 with P4 3.0 Ghz, 512 MB of RAM, and an ATI Radeon X300 SE with 128MB of Video Ram.This is a powerhouse computer.

    I played Call of Duty, which graphically is a more advanced game than Jedi Academy, and finally had it play perfectly smoothly.It was such fun to do so.I then popped in Jedi Academy to test its performance in a faster environment (before I had a P4 2.0 Ghz, 64 MB NVIDIA GeForce 4, and 256 MB of RAM), and I was disappointed.I put the highest settings (1024x768, 32 bit color, high graphics) and the game ran choppy!I put it on "normal" settings, and the game STILL ran choppy.How is it possible that Call of Duty runs perfect, but Jedi Academy runs choppy?It doesn't make sense...

    Anyway, you can set the graphic settings to the lowest (which is what I did), and it will play smoothly, but you won't get any of the graphics benefits.The game, however, is fun.

    3-0 out of 5 stars What happened?!!!?
    This game was my introduction to Jedi Knight series. The only Star Wars game I had played before this was Knights of the Old Republic (which I loved). After finishing it I was excited about more Star Wars gaming and I tried Jedi Academy.

    The game seemed to be a mixed bag: there was some great things like ability to customize your character and choosing between saber styles. The acrobatics were fantastic. But these alone were not enough to save the game: some of the graphics looked really bad especially outdoor environments. In general everything felt like it was made in great hurry: the textures, lightning and everything felt unpolished. Quake III engine is capable of much better when levels are planned with artistic vision. Character animations in cutscenes looked clumsy and unfinished. But the biggest problem with the game was the story (or the lack of it). Overall the game feels like you had different fan made maps put together.

    I know a lot of people probably wanted more lightsaber combat. Well you certainly got that with this game. The problem is that it gets VERY repetitive after a while. In movies the saber fights were used sparingly and always connected to major turning points in the plot. Now it is just endless repetition (didn't I beat this guy already? Like 100 times!!!)

    I recently tried Jedi Outcast (the previous game in the serie) and I was SHOCKED to realize just how much better it was in almost every way: the graphics, the plot, the missions all had real touch of quality in it. It seems Raven tried to improve some elements in the game and totally forgot everything that made Jedi Outcast such a classic. Or more likely this product just had to be finished with a real tight deadline. That just how it feels like: an unfinished product which COULD have been great if they had maintained the quality of previous game. I truly recommend Knights of the Old Republic and Jedi Outcast over this. ... Read more

    4. Super Smash Bros. Melee
    list price: $49.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005Q8M0
    Catlog: Video Games
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Sales Rank: 105
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    Nintendo (DOL P GALE) Smash Bros. Melee GC ... Read more

    Reviews (1001)

    5-0 out of 5 stars There's is Hope!
    The Gamecube, ah the Gamecube. It's good, but not good enough, but hey, that's just my opinion. I did not want a Gamecube, I did not! But I decided what the heck, I loved the original Super Smash, so I bought The Super Smash Bros. Melee. Oh my god! this game was so good, I loved it, My PS2 seems like nothing compared to Super Smash. It's a great game, and it has such a huge lasting appeal or replay value.

    Gameplay: The controls are suprisingly easy, if you can button mash, this is your game, if you're not so good at controls, you need some practice. but very easy.

    Graphics: C'mon, you know you like them, kicks the PS2's graphics outta the the park! And they run very smoothely. The only problem is how you can run right through people, but who cares! (8/10)

    Entertainment: What do u think? So much, with the BIG variety of characters, nice variety of levels, multi-player, you know, a lot of entertainment is to be had. (10/10)

    Replay Value: A lot! You'll never want to stop! Okay, you will, but you'll want to fit it into your schedule every day, yeah, it's that good!(10/10)

    Difficulty: C'mon, if you think it's hard, you won't have too much luck on hard or very hard mode. (9/10)

    Overall: Sure this game has it's flaws, but what game doesn't?! It should be 19.99, but it's so good, it's still 30.00, and it's a Player's Choice! Buy it, it's really, really worth it!
    (9/10, overall score) (not an average)

    Finally, There's hope for the Gamecube!!
    - D C

    5-0 out of 5 stars yay^_^!
    this game is a MUST HAVE for people with gamecubes!!!!!
    it has prettyful graphics,cool 1P modes,(except adventure,without giga bowser-_-;)
    theres lots of characters,25,way more than the original.
    u can collect trophies!like almost 300!!!!!
    SONIC AND TAILS R NOT CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!!don't listen to them!!!!!
    kirbys the best char!!!!!!!!!
    P.S:a super smash bros. is coming out for the new Revolution!!!:O
    P.S.S:how can a game with jigglypuff be rated T?!?!

    5-0 out of 5 stars ...WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE THINKING?
    Why are you reading these reviews?
    This is one of the BEST GCN games out there.
    Just BUY IT.

    - Kolby Manning

    Oh, and P.S. - fire dragon99, you loser.There is not a PS2 version of this game! Stop living under a soundproof ROCK!Why would Sony publish a game LOADED with NINTENDO characters?And if the game did exist, there is no way that it would be "A lot better."PS2 Sucks and ruins games. Just go play your little PS2 nonexistent SSBM.And get a spell checker.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Sweet.
    This is a great game. The first time I played this game was actually at "TOYS R US" and then I played it at my friends house. I liked it so much I begged my parebnts to get it for me and eventually they did!!! I play it all the time!!! I have all of the characters. I enjoy playing this game with my friends and kicking their butts!! I love this game.

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Greatest of All Nintendo Games
    This game excels in every area, and does not require a multicategory review to prove it. The sequel to one of the best video games ever, this is a monumental achievement.
    This game shows exactly why everyone loves Nintendo.

    Well, it used to be that way.

    Sony and Microsoft are celebrating over their triumph over the powerful Sega Dreamcast system, and glad that it'll probably never gain the strength to once again be a major force in video games. Now the two supergiants want Nintendo out of the picture, too. Gamers look more and more for graphics and action rather than new ideas, and since Nintendo does the latter, it won't survive long.

    Sad to say this, but Nintendo's on its way out.

    Here's a list I made predicting the future of games:

    1.) Nintendo will die sometime during or after the next console generation. It will not be taken over by Sony or Microsoft, who will consider its games "kiddie" and "worthless".
    2.) These game genres' popularity may change:
    First-person shooter: Increase
    Fighting: Increase
    Racing: Stay the same
    Platformer: Extinct
    Puzzle: Extinct
    RPG/Strategy: Decrease
    Sports: Stay the same
    3.) Future consoles will move their focus even more from games to features, such as DVD, Internet, "Home" systems, etc.
    4.) Sony and Microsoft use their mighty money powers to create a monopoly for themselves.
    5.) These ESRB games will:
    EC: Extinct
    E: Decrease
    E+10: Decrease
    T: Stay the same
    M: Increase
    AO: Increase
    6.) Game systems hit a level of "Maximum realism".
    7.) Game mascots (ex: Mario, Crash Bandicoot, Mega Man, etc.) will no longer exist; all characters will be realistic people.
    8.) Second Great Video Game Crash will occur somewhere from 15 to 25 years from now when consumers lose interest.
    9.) Sony and Microsoft in their ultimate clash; unsure if Sony or Microsoft wins.
    10.) Sony and/or Microsoft easily overpower all third companies with new consoles. This leads to less variety in games and consoles.
    11.) After the Second Great Video Game Crash, neither Sony nor Microsoft may be able to save the industry they've destroyed. No third companies will help, as they will have been wiped out long ago. There will be no Nintendo to pick up the industry once again, as it had in the First Great Video Game Crash of 1983 with its NES console. No telling what happens at this point.

    For all those of you who play only Nintendo, buy all the Nintendo consoles and games that you can, as they'll disappear forever only less than a decade from now. If I was asked, however, which game to get first, I might recommend this one. It'll be a treasure for the ages. ... Read more

    5. Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00006LEMQ
    Catlog: Video Games
    Publisher: Lucasarts Entertainment
    Sales Rank: 611
    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (53)

    5-0 out of 5 stars FUN BUT EXTREMELY HARD

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great star wars title!
    This is a great game for any skilled star wars game freak. The graphics are pretty good and the gameplay is very fun and challenging don't listen to the negative reviews claiming the game is to hard, the people who claim it's to hard are just weak at video games granted the game can frustrate but it never get's to the point where you want to throw the game out the window. This is a good game and I highly recomend it to and star wars fan. p.s. don't buy jedi academy that game is horrible! what a shame to ruin the series like that!

    4-0 out of 5 stars Action Packed!!!
    My computer was to slow to play it. So I had to wait till it came out on Xbox. I had high hopes for this game and it did not let me down. The first two levels were kinda dull for me because I wanted to use a lightsaber. But after the first two levels it was granted and the game shined differently in my eyes. The gameplay after that point was action packed and I can say I never thought to brandish a gun ever again. From your first lightsaber dual up to the secret stage of the game, I have enjoyed the gameplay experience. I even find myself returning to the jedi action once and a while to slaughter stormtroopers and take in some of the big environments. If it wasn't for certain levels were I was constantly plummeting to my death I would have gave it five stars. I'm not a big Star Wars freak but just buy this game if you like the movies, it won't let you down.

    5-0 out of 5 stars tHiS gAmE rOcKs!
    I first got this game about 2 years ago for computer.Back then, I had a really slow computer, and it didn't work right.I was so mad that I had wasted 40 dollars on it.It went on the shelf and waited there for 2 years.Now I have a better computer and play it all the time.The earlier reviewer said that the game was extremely difficult, not so.The guy must have obviously been a moron, and not been able to figure out the puzzles, because the game has an average difficulty, and if he wants it easier, he can play on Padawan.Anyway, the game is basically a first person shooter based game, where you go around blasting storm troopers, probe droids, and more.I suggest getting this game because I really enjoy playing it, and I want to get it for XBOX too.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Dumb, Boring, And Extreamly Hard!!!
    I think its safe to say that this game sucks! Before I got this game I thought it would be great. I had heard so many good things about it. Once I got it though I realized that this game wasnt as great as everyone said it would be. The Graphics are ok but the gameplay and sound dont impress me at all. Plus you dont get your lightsaber until level 7 unless you use cheat codes. As for all the talk about you being able to use the force the force is pretty weak in this game. You also dont get the force until level 7 and on some of the missions you cant even use all your force power like lightning, push, pull, ect. Really the only good force power is grip.(Grip allows you to choke people)Another thing that sucks is that there are different powers of the force so when you finally get the force you have to build up your power of the force for a few levels (wich could take hours) to finally get your force power strong enough to kill the enemy, not just wound him. This game is also EXTREAMLY hard. Its like Metroid Prime were you can get lost and it'll take a long time to find your way around. If you still want to get this game after reading this review is suggest renting it first.(Dont Be Dumb like me and buy it without renting it. I wasted $50) ... Read more

    6. Sony PSOne Console
    list price: $99.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00004XOWT
    Catlog: Video Games
    Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
    Sales Rank: 1487
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    If the original PlayStation was the video game console equivalent of the'60s-era Volkswagen Beetle--economic, reliable, loads of fun--the PS One couldbe considered the new Beetle--a hip restyling of those same qualities.

    Make no mistake: the PS One has all of the same functionality as the originalPlayStation workhorse, will work with all of the same peripherals andaccessories, and will play the existing PlayStation game library, as well asaudio CDs (also note that, like the original PlayStation, it's not compatiblewith the more advancedPlayStation2). The difference here is that this new model is quite a bit smaller thanits older brother, and quite a bit cuter, too.

    The system is made up of a 32-bit, 34-MHz RISC processor with 16 Mbits of mainmemory, 8 Mbits of graphics memory, 24-channel stereo sound, double-speed CD-ROMdrive, and one Dual Shock analog controller. That's not a lot of power, comparedto a next-generation system like theSegaDreamcast; but, when you factor in its very low price and the enormouslibrary of games that are available (more than 1,000 that are spread acrossevery genre imaginable), one can see easily why it's as good a deal as ever. Ifrumors of exciting future accessories for the PS One (a four-inch LCD screenattachment, to name one) are true, this little machine could become a greatoption for the on-the-go gamer. --Porter Hall ... Read more

    Reviews (250)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Pretty good game system
    I got this system about 4 years ago. It's really not that bad. The graphics stinkof course but it has some pretty good games like spyro, rugrats, crash, spider-man, star wars, tony hawk, and megaman. I've been playing this system for years. Some of the games are easy but most of them are really hard. I've been working on tony hawk for years and I'm still in the suburbia level. We always used to play fighting games on the playstation but now that have an xbox we play fighting games on that. When I got my xbox 2 years ago, my uncle said that I should sell my playstation 1. I will never sell my psone. I will always keep it. Almost all the other gaming systems are better than psone but I will always keep it. You should get it too.

    5-0 out of 5 stars WOW!
    First off, the one kid said that PS One isn't any different than Plastation One. Not true. PS One is a ton more smaller and easier on your legs when you are playing it with the LCD screen. This console has some of my old favorites that Nintendo eventually bought out for their own systems like Spyro and Megaman. I also have an N64 but i really think that this one was better, also because N64 is not compatible with an LCD screen.

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Start Of A Legacy
    Sony PSOne is one of the best "older" gaming consoles on the market. I bought it two years ago when it was $99.99. It's now even more compact than the 1996 version. Sony likes to make two controller slots which isn't too bad but I wish they would make 4 still. The PSOne's graphics are really good especially compared to the Nintendo 64. If you want a cheaper PlayStation you should look into this one. The older PSOne is okay but I really do like the compact version. The PS2 is much thicker than this but it is a better all around system. You should look into this. I really love how Sony makes their gaming consoles.

    4-0 out of 5 stars A good game console that doesn't cost the earth
    Okay so Playstation One a bit dated when you think of what other consoles are out and about in the 21st Century but there is something almost timeless about the Playstation One, especially as it plays all those oldies/goldie games that have yet to make it to Playstation 2.

    I like the Playstation One because it is SO compact and streamlined.Not only that but you can by an attachable LCD screen for it so you don't have to rely on the TV.

    If you are like me, someone who travels a lot, then this is a console that is easy to pack along with the LCD screen and it doesn't take up a lot of room in your luggage.

    There are still accessories that you can buy, like a Playstation one carry case, extra handsets, cheat systems and memory cards and they don't cost the earth.

    Also Playstation One games are a lot cheaper than some Playstation 2 games, you can buy them second hand for a few dollars, one the downsides is that new Playstation One games are now in decline so eventually it will become an obsolete console at some point but that is a few years away yet so you might as well enjoy it whilst you can like I am doing. ... Read more

    7. Mario Kart 64

    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00000DMAX
    Catlog: Video Games
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Sales Rank: 280
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Editorial Review

    Mario Kart 64, one of the first games released for the Nintendo 64platform, is an updated translation of the very popular Super Mario Kart for theSuper NES (SNES). And while the game clearly takes full advantage of the graphicspower and speed of the N64, a few components that made the original so compellinghave been left out of this release.

    Still, Nintendo's expertise at sucking players into the game world is strongly evident, andMario Kart 64 offers enough challenges to keep players (especially casualgamers) entertained. Placing a familiar Nintendo personality behind the wheel of asputtering kart powered by a 50, 100, or 150-cc engine, the game lets players racecomputerized opponents or up to four other players on a variety of well-designed tracks.Because karts lack the power and speed of race cars, drivers must focus on collectingpower-ups and nonlethal weapons rather than negotiating hairpin turns on two wheels.Grabbing and using on-track items is the heart of the game's fun: a strategically-placedbanana peel sends the unlucky victim into a spin, nailing an opponent with a turtle shelllaunches their vehicle skyward, and a rocket provides a quick boost to near-breakneckspeeds, if only for a moment.

    The multiplayer mode provides enormously chaotic fun for up to four players--flip it onat a party and watch the guests congregate around the screen. --Eric Twelker


    • Well-designed tracks
    • Simple controls
    • Strong multiplayer appeal
    • Computerized opponents sometimes pull off questionable feats
    ... Read more


    • New set of courses and racers
    • Slick 3-D graphics
    • For 1 to 4 players
    • Kart racing with the Mario Brothers
    • Collect power-ups and nonlethal weapons to get ahead

    Reviews (168)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Amazing
    This was the first 'Kart' game quite like this.. there isn't any 'Kart' game like this either outside of the Mario franchise. If you think you can find a better Karting game out there, I'd like to see you find it and show me, because from my finds and plays, this is the only game that is worth playing. From DK to Bowser, Peach to Toad, this game has most of the characters that have been involved with Mario in some way. The graphics are great for its time, the sound is fun, the worlds are colorful, the idea is great. Who wouldn't like this game- at ANY age? I'm not sure, but if you don't, you amy need to see a doctor. This is the best Kart game ever, and the best Mario Kart game ever.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Awsome!
    This game is so fun. I gave it 4 stars because there is'nt much 2 do. I think this is #1 graphics. Buy this game.

    3-0 out of 5 stars One of funnest games on the N64
    Mario Kart 64 Launched with the N64 and it sure did good with the sales but Ultimatley this is disapointing.Mario Kart Succeds in graphics departure but Fails at the boring over and over gameplay that you indure in the game.Don't get me wrong this is a great game but it just pretty much fail to fun factor.Back when I got this game when It first came out I simply loved it but after the next day it kind of got boring for me.The game is great but fails with the overuse of boring driving and nothing exciting happens.If it were up to me I would have addes some really cool Driving maze level(yeah it does sound lame but what ever)

    In Graphics the game is simply superb.It really does make the N64 a really good lookin' system.The level desighning and great setups make it one of the better looking N64 back in the days when it was still popular..It truly does make some Ps games look like crap.

    The sound is pretty average...ehh I rather not go into that..

    NOW.......The gameplay..
    It just get's boring after awhile and nothing special happens and the single player is pretty short.But cool......
    And that's pretty much it.

    The Multiplayer is pretty fun.I had a blast playing it with my friends.It really is fun but like I said before...Nothing special.

    When it all comes down to this.The boring yet kind of fun gameplay, Great Graphics but doesn't help gameplay, Really fun MP but still fails to succeed in fun factor(well atleast to me)

    I give Mario Kart 64 a 3.4 stars out of 5


    1-0 out of 5 stars terrible
    This is a mario rip off of REAL racing games.Also the stupid cartoonish karts go 14 mph.

    4-0 out of 5 stars good for N64
    I'd recommend buying it used to save some money.The tracks are nice and the game play is all right.It's just not the same as playstation racing games though. ... Read more

    8. Frogger Advance
    list price: $39.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005NCAD
    Catlog: Video Games
    Publisher: Majesco Sales, Inc.
    Sales Rank: 406
    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    Originally released in 1981 by Konami, the Frogger arcade game isconsidered an all-time classic. Since then the property has been transferred toseveral owners, many of which tarnished the Frogger tradition. Now, backin Konami's hands, the little green fellow brings back everything people lovedabout the original arcade game, but with a modern twist.

    Frogger's Adventures: Temple of the Frog pits Frogger against the evilMr. D, who has stolen the mystical elements that nourish the hero's marsh.Frogger must make his way through 15 levels spanning six environments in orderto find the elements. After every few levels, he must engage in a boss fight.Like in the arcade original, Frogger spends most of his time hopping left,right, up, and forward, but in this version he must deal with more than movingcars and snapping crocodiles. The game's levels feature all sorts of perils,such as mazelike conveyer belts, spiked floors, and crumbling platforms. Thereare also 32 different types of enemies standing in his way. Among the fewdownsides of the game are its short length, the lack of variety-adding options,and the fact that the coin system that allows you to reach the last level iseasy to fool.

    This is a great example of how to properly update a classic. The simple gameplayof the original Frogger is intact, but the developers have added cleverlevels, bright graphics, and modern game mechanics to the mix. This game is sureto please longtime Frogger fans, as well as create some new ones.--Raymond M. Padilla


    • Easy-to-learn gameplay
    • Levels add a new twist to classic Frogger moves
    • Four in-game save slots
    • Lack of options
    • A bit short
    • Coin system is easy to cheat
    ... Read more


    • Jump, glide and tongue-flick through 15+ levels in 5 different environments.
    • A cartoonish action/platform game with an element of puzzle solving, Frogger expands on simple, yet addictive gameplay to catch players of all ages.

    Reviews (36)

    1-0 out of 5 stars I HATE THIS GAME
    This game is so stupid! I would leave it in the trash! Luigi's mansion is better.

    5-0 out of 5 stars LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVED THIS GAME SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! It is origianol, interesting and really really fun! It has 5 cute little worlds, and 15 levels. It gets really hard over time, but as soon as you get familiar with all of the controls and enimies, it isn't as hard as it seems. A little hint: On parts of the 2nd earth element level, move fast! Don't think, move fast! It helps! I finished the game in about a week, and my favorite places were the sea world and temple levels. Buy this game now, it totally rocks!

    1-0 out of 5 stars PLEASE....
    it sux. never get it. u just hop around getting smashed by things. i played it once and hated it. im srry for the ppl who have it!!!

    3-0 out of 5 stars too easy and not original
    this game is too easy and im a twelve year old, its not original and doesnt have the kind of thrill and excitement its just k nothing special,if i were u i wouldnt waste my money and would by super mario advance games instead, theyre much better

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Most Fun Frogger Yet
    I thought this game was very fun.The first level is easy ,but once people try the second level they think it is hard.(Most of the levels have the same type of moves so once you get the hang of it its not so hard.)the temple is the best part in my opinion.The graphics are also pretty good,and the music is great.Some people say that the game is impossible to beat, but that's not true.I've beaten the game the whole way through until the end credits.Overall I thought this game was challenging,addictive,and very fun! ... Read more

    9. Final Fantasy IX
    list price: $39.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00004Y57G
    Catlog: Video Games
    Publisher: Electronic Arts
    Sales Rank: 177
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (622)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Open Mind
    Hey guys.I love this game, flat out.It has great characters, a good plot, a good system, and fantastic music.A lot of people think that the game is boring, or maybe they don't like the plot, but I think that those people need to just give it a chance.This was the 7th Final Fantasy I have beaten, and now I have finished 1-9, and this game is in my top four.

    There are some problems with this game, but I don't think they are very critical.Most of them affect the first couple hours, but they are nothing toreally have too big a problem with.First of all, the begining is slow.There are about 4 battles in the first hour, and you finish only about 20-50 in the first few hours.Also it takes a little getting used to to get into the gameplay.Characters gain magic and abilities based on what equipment they have on.

    Anyways, I put this in my top list of games, which are in order of which is most important to play

    Final Fantasy VI
    Chrono Trigger
    Final Fantasy VII
    Final Fantasy IX
    Chrono Cross

    Play those RPG's and you will have experienced the best games ever made.

    5-0 out of 5 stars This is to the people
    Look, I realize you are entitled to your opinions, as am I.So, let me get my two cents in.This is to the people who do not like FF( because only mages can use magic(like cure, fire, etc.).Stop complaining!Not only can Garnet and Eiko cure, but Amarant uses Chakra to cure, Freya uses a skill to cure, and so can Quina.This game DOES return to the roots which has only certain characters use magic.It makes it harder.Now, to those who claim this game is childish because of certain things.I am twenty-four years old, and I like this game a lot.My friends like this game.Even my twenty-eight year old brother likes this game.None of us think it is too childish.
    To those who complain about the storyline, claiming a thirteen year old could do better.I've read the fan fictions people of such age write about the Final Fantasies; trust me, they ARE NOT BETTER.If you think you could do better, try it.By the RPG Maker, and DO IT!Betcha can't, though.If thirteen year olds COULD do better plots, you would think that such companies as Square Enix would hire them.Duh.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great Game, despite all other opinions
    First of all, I'd like to point out that I haven't played many other Final Fantasy Games, so I'm not going to compare them.

    On to my thoughts about FFIX. It was the first real RPG Playstation game that I ever bought and it's the one that got made me love the genre.
    Plot: 4/5 Great plot, however they fail to really explain some crucial details (for example: why does Zidane sees Garnet's memory?). A little more explanations would be nice for my lack of brain cells.
    Characters: 5/5 You really do get attached to Zidane and Garnet, you laugh at Amarant's oblivious and cynical nature, and just want to shoot Thorn and Zorn. The point is, the characters are interesting and have a personality.
    Gameplay: 4/5 At first it's hard to understand how to train the characters and use different accessories to learn attacks. However, once that is settled, the gameplay is great. Also, it took me forever to realize that pressing Select on the world screen brings up a map: VERY USEFUL! You'll get lost if you don't use it. Other than that, good gameplay.
    Graphics: 6/5 :) Gotta love the grahics. Squaresoft created different cultures/architectures for each different country. Gaia is absolutely gorgeous. The FMVs are amazing. Two thumbs way way up for the graphics.

    Overall: Though it required a lot of time training to beat Kuja and the final bosses, the game is really fun. The minigames range from "fun-for-two-seconds" (Jumprope Vivi) and "takes-forever-but-gotta-love-it" (Chocobo Hot and Cold) and the game itself is great, long and never boring. Five stars out of five it is, then. Great way to get yourself in the world of Final Fantasy.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Possibly the greatest game of all time.
    Yes, i admit that I have taken risks in writing the title of this review sincem after all the title was highly opinionated, but here me out. Ill look at it from a reasonable angle.

    When Final Fantasy IX (FF9) was released, it was very differant than it's predecessors, Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII. It had gone from a harsh 'sci-fi' feel to a soft 'fantasy' feel. The main character was not a silent and melencholy introvert. And overall, the game had a very prelavent tone of charm and whimsy, whereas VII and VIII had, for the most part, more depressing tones. Like I said, very differant from its predecessors.

    For anyone who doesnt like simple RPGs, this isnt for you. Everything in this game has been made slightly more simple. No Junction or Materia systems here. Every character has unique abilities that only he/she/it can learn. While I enjoyed VII and VIII's systems, XI's felt more believable. Believe it or not, this simplification adds some serious challenge to the game. Because not everyone can learn 'cure' or 'revive' you will have to be careful on forming your groups. and since you can't junction switch at all, you'll find that keeping all of your characters at high levels is a good idea. You cant simply put 'curaga' on someones hp and have it skyrocket. youll have to do alot of levelling up. This doesnt mean that Final Fantasy IX is impossibly hard. In factm if I were to rate its difficulty level, I would say it was 60%.

    these differances in abilities add to the very well written characters. Each character feels alive, and you believe what it says. In past final fantasies some characters, although important to the story line, just didnt feel real (Cait sith, anyone?) but in Final Fantasy IX, each character seems 100% believable. Their dialoge matches their personalities seamlessly. some scenes which have no importance to the story are written in just to make you 'feel' the character. Such as when Eiko scolds Vivi for looking the wrong way and vivi says "I was just looking at the mountains".

    And then you have the games visuals. Are the graphics breakthrough? no. What you have in Final fantasy IXs visuals is emotion. For example, when playing Final fantasy VIII and you look at a floor tile, it just looks like some-old floor tile. But in Final fantasy IX when you look at a floor-tile,you feel a story behind it. It looks unique to each culture's lifestyles and beliefs. You feel a bit of what the "tile maker" felt when creating it. Yes, every blade of grass in Final Fantasy IX is a work of beauriful art.

    One mustn't forget the music. Final Fantasy IX lives up to the high standard of its predecessors when it comes to music. Each song is beautifully well written and perfectly placed. Cooky and silly songs play where there is a village of quirky dwarves, sullen and sad music plays in a destroyed city, and so on. Some people (myself included) would get tired of certain songs after awhile in the past final fantasies. For instance, in FFVII when I was in the gold Saucer, although the music was good, it did get tiresome and I muted the volume. Same with Finl Fantasy VIII in Balamb garden. But with Final Fantasy IX i would often just sit and listen to songs re-loop so that I coud hear and feel them again.

    The storyline in Final Fantasy IX is beautiful. I wont say anything to ruin it, but trust me. Its amazing.

    Out of all this, why do I say that it is possibly the greates game of all time? Well, i'll explain myself.

    Does anybody remember Halo? No no, not Halo2. Halo. just plain Halo. It was revolutionary. I remember that everyone played it. everyone who had an XBOX owned Halo. (partially because after awhile XBOXs started coming with a copy of Halo, but still) it was a great game. But now, with the arrival of Halo2, it has just faded out. Even big fans of the origional have said 'Man, there really isnt any reason to play the first halo anymore." Sadly, this is how it is with alot of games. Beautiful and wonderful games slowly fade out when shiny sequals come out. Yes, Final fantasy IX felt some of this when Final Fantasy X came out, but still many many fans play final fantasy IX because of its greatness. In other words, Final fantasy has lived on despite the release of more advanced graphics and things like that.

    So, I urge you,(haha, I sound so devoted) if you havent played Final Fantasy IX before, play it. Make sure you buy it, because Ive been noticing that its harder to find at Game stores than it used to be.

    Finally, ill leave you with one thing. You may hate this game despite everything i've said. Guess what, people are differant. If you try this game and for some unearthly reason you loathe every second of it, well then at least you gave it a shot.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Not a masterpiece, but still a great game...
    I wouldntgo as far as to say FF9 is as good as the recent FF games,or most of the games for that matter, but it is still a great game. The atmosphere of this game is a far cry from FF8's romantic, adult atmosphere. Everything is more comedic and cartoonish, but the graphics are still up to par with recent RPGs, but not very innovative. (They basically look the same as FF7 or FF8). Anyway, I'll break this review down...

    Graphics- 9/10 Like I said, they are up to par with games of its time, but are not very innovative. Then again, the Playstation is very limited graphics-wise. But that's what I love about the Playstation one, the games were not all about graphics, unlike the PS2(I am not a fan of PS2 at all, or the recent FF titles.)Anyway, the character designs are a lot more old-school, especially the black mage which looks pretty cool.

    Sound- 7/10 This is one of the low-points of this game, the sound isn't that amazing. FF4, 6, tactics, 7, and 8 all have amazing soundtracks, not to mention 5 as well, but this one just doesn't amaze me. After playing through this game several times and mastering it several times, I still don't really remember any tracks in the game. FF8's soundtrack blew me away, so I was hoping for the same here. The only highlights for music are on the start screen, and the world music is pretty good, as well as the battle music.

    Gameplay- 10/10The setup is pretty good, making you choose abilities from items that are equipped and learn them. The junction system in FF8 was in my opinion, one of the most innovative systems ever for a video games. This games isn't very innovative, but it's still a great idea that is fun to do. Also, there's synthesis shops now, where you combine items to make armor. (much like FF8s weapon system, except now you can also buy weapons and armor as well.) Overall, this game has a great system that is a lot of fun. The card game isn't nearly as fun as FF8's in my opinion, though. In ff8, you collected cards and then could card mod them, which was also an amazing idea, but in this game the cards seem to do absolutely nothing for the player, other than giving them knowledge that they completed the game 100%, and achieved the highest card collecting level, which is also pointless. Overall, the card game is just a lame re-hash of FF8's Triad game, so dont expect a blast playing cards here, look to ff8 for that.

    Controls-10/10 Basically the same controls as in every other ff game. Now there's an exclamation mark which appears over Zidanes head if you are near an item, which was a pretty good idea.

    Story- 6/10 This is the games biggest weak point. In my opinion, FF9 has the most forgettable story out of any FF game. Sure, it has its high points( The idea of having summons attack the town was a great idea,and was pretty sweet to watch) But other than that, it didn't leave me feeling amazed. FF4, 6, 7, 8, tactics and heck they all had great storylines, but FF9's is pretty lame. You go after some little guy wearing a thong, and thats about it, it isnt deep like the other titles, although at times it may appear that way. It wasnt the worst storyline, but definitely not up to par.

    Overall- 8/10 I have spent a good deal of my life playing this game, since it took a while to master my characters levels and find all the items, and it was definitely worth it. This is a wonderful game that all RPG fans should play. ... Read more

    10. Sega Dreamcast Console
    list price: $149.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00000K2R4
    Catlog: Video Games
    Publisher: Sega of America, Inc.
    Sales Rank: 763
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    The Dreamcast system is, in a word, awesome. Fire up Soul Calibur, and instantly you'll appreciate that the graphics and gameplay are even better than in the arcade version. And Sonic Adventure, with its light-speed gameplay, is sure to wow even the most jaded gamer.

    It's amazing that such a small machine (it's about the size of your mouse pad) can deliver such incredible performance. Chalk it up to superior engineering. Dreamcast's only downside is that it comes with only one controller and a demo disc. In order to truly take advantage of Dreamcast's capabilities, we recommend outfitting the controller with a Jump Pack and a Visual Memory Unit. Getting one or more extra controllers is also a good idea, because some of the best Dreamcast games support up to four players at once.

    Why it's so cool:

    • Ultramodern components: Custom-made video, audio, and processor technology blows away the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation and puts Dreamcast in the same league as PS2 and XBox.
    • Integrated modem: In another video-game first, Dreamcast comes with a 56K modem. Use your regular Internet service provider and the separately sold keyboard to access e-mail, shopping, and the World Wide Web. Not only can you upload high scores, participate in chat discussions, and download updates and enhancements for your games, but, through a membership to the SegaNet Internet service provider, you can play Quake III Arena, NFL 2K1, and other games against Dreamcast owners over the Internet.
    • The Visual Memory Unit (VMU): More than just a memory card, the VMU is a miniature portable game system that fits inside a controller--so its LCD screen is easily seen by you but hidden from your opponent.
    • All-in-one entertainment: It plays games. It plays audio CDs. It connects to the Internet and lets you browse the Web or e-mail friends. Our note to the cost-conscious: If you have a Dreamcast system, you just don't need a separate CD player or a separate computer. Dreamcast does it all, and does it well.
    --Mike Fehlauer ... Read more

    Reviews (930)

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Sega Dreamcast is better than a Gamecube.
    I love the Sega Dreamcast so much. The Dreamcast has online and a Gamecube dose not. A Dreamcast is easyer. A Gamecube is more harder. Dreamcast has more better games than Gamecube. Gamecube is just a copy of a Dreamcast. I give a Gamecube a 7.5 . I give a Sega Dreamcast a 9.5 . I wish they haven't stop making games for the Dreamcast.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Hours of good fun playing!
    I bought a Dreamcast last week for (...)with more than 20 games and I'm very happy I did! Some games on it are just amazing.. I have an xbox but I love fighting games and Dreamcast has a bunch of quality ones. I can also play, nes, snes, mega drive and mames games on TV: that's just the best ! Very cool console.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Dreamcast
    The release of NHL 2K2 marks the end of the Sega Dreamcast's remarkable run. While production of the Dreamcast may be over, the legacy lives on. In the dreamcasts short lived life time 248 Dreamcast titles were released. The first console to venture into online gameplay, Dreamcast has a built-in 56K modem. With 128-bit processing, 3D audio capabilities and stellar 3D graphics, your gameplay experience just got better.

    When you purchase Dreamcast, you receive the Dreamcast console, 56K modem, one standard Dreamcast Controller, Stereo A/V cable, power cable, ten-meter phone cable, Internet browser CD-ROM, game sampler CD-ROM, and instruction manual.

    Peak graphics performance of over three million polygons per second provided by the PowerVR 2DC graphics engine for the fastest, most sophisticated 3D graphics ever seen on a videogame console.

    128-bit 3D processing power provides amazing lighting and other special effects.

    Built-in 56kbps modem for the ultimate in multiplayer online gaming.

    16 megabytes of memory for huge, complex game worlds.
    64-voice CD-quality audio.

    Four built-in controller ports for easy multi-player action.
    Built-in high-speed expansion ports.

    If you a collector and want the last sega console ever made then dreamcast can be had for about $40 to $20 bucks depending on where you look

    1-0 out of 5 stars a chunk of moneydown the drain
    I bought it, but then I bought sonic adventure 2 after that. I turned my console on, then the screen turned pitch black. It froze. If you want to play sonic adventure or sonic adventure 2, buy a NINTENDO GAMECUBE. I know those work. This system is 6 years old. If you buy it, a big clump of money is down the drain. Now, go to the homepage and type 'gamecube' in the search bar for and start shoppin'!

    5-0 out of 5 stars What is wrong with you ppl?
    Ok, Ive been reading the reviews and I'm A bit angry. Sega revolutionized the market with Dreamcast.Without it, alot of the games we play now might not even exist. Without Sega, We might not even have 3-D games. The first systems with true 3-D capabilities were the Saturn and PS1 and the PS1 technology was stolen from Nintendo! The Playstation was A CD add-on for Super Nintendo but when Sony was recruited, they stole the technology and the name. If Nintendo were to launch a lawsuit and the new home console code named revolution, you would be buying Nintendo PSP because Sony would be wiped out. As for the Dreamcast, it was a great system but because the phanboys failed to see that, it failed. As for the phanboys in question, if you cant even capitalize letters, your not worth my time. Stop putting bad reviews here and go play your PS2. ... Read more

    11. Game Boy Advance Console in Glacier

    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005B8G1
    Catlog: Video Games
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Sales Rank: 505
    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

    The Game Boy platform (which includes the original unit, the Game Boy Pocket, and the Game Boy Color) came to market when most video game consoles had a life expectancy of just a few years. More than a decade later, the system is still going strong. How did the Game Boy successfully compete--and in some cases bury--an onslaught of faster, more powerful handheld and home console systems? Let us count the ways: affordability, a huge library of games that consistently made the most of the hardware's limitations, smart power management that extended battery life, and uncluttered controls. But perhaps it was the system's ultraportable design that allowed devotees to play video games around their schedule, making it the must-have system for kids and adults alike.

    Now the Game Boy Advance (or GBA as people are already calling it) comes to us with power that would have been unthinkable back in the day. The portable's 32-bit RISC CPU runs circles around the former's 8-bit workhorse, allowing it to process program instructions much faster. What that means to everyday gamers is more intricate visuals, more simultaneous movement on the screen, and better sound. In fact, the often-annoying beeps and boops of old-school Game Boy titles are being replaced with digitized stereo sound. The extra processing muscle also means you can even network up to four Game Boy Advance units together, via the communication cable, for multiplayer fun off of one shared cartridge. Only two Game Boy Color units could link together, and each unit had to have its own copy of the game.

    What's not being replaced, however, is the wide selection of Game Boy games. Because the Game Boy Advance system is backward-compatible, it will play its own line of colorful games--including such launch titles as Super Mario Advance, F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, Army Men Advance, High Heat Major League Baseball 2002, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, and Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2--as well as all of the monochrome and color games that have already been released for the previous Game Boy systems (nearly 500 in total). Players can view the older games in their smaller, originally square dimensions, or, with the touch of the shoulder button, expand the game to fit the GBA's larger screen. We tried enlarging the screen on a Game Boy Color edition of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 and found that Mr. Hawk was much easier to see.

    When you first pick up the system, you'll be amazed at how lightweight it is. At fewer than 5 ounces and a little larger than a deck of playing cards, the system easily fits into a shirt pocket without any sag. The GBA's wider shape fits better into a wider range of hands. The former design too often pushed the left and right thumb knuckles together during gameplay. The new layout should be comfortable for all ages, and the center screen orientation makes it easy to see.

    Game Boy Color owners will find the GBA's larger screen somewhat darker than they're used to, but that's because the screen is outfitted with antiglare technology. Like the old Game Boy Color, the color LCD is not backlit, so you need pretty good light to play by. Unlike that system, though, you won't be craning your neck and tilting the unit to see around the hot-spot reflection of the light bulb in your screen.

    But you'll also notice the graphics. Sporting what's basically a redesigned SNES technology, you'll see things on the GBA that the big consoles do, such as scaling (making objects larger or smaller) and rotation effects--technological advances that will affect the look of everything from crossing a finish line to throwing a touchdown pass to crawling through a dungeon.

    Some might argue that Nintendo could have tried to put even more power into this Game Boy Advance. After all, the 32-bit video game had its heyday more than five years ago. Perhaps, but after handling this new handheld, we're inclined to think that Nintendo wisely struck a balance between size, price, and power consumption. And considering how well the old 8-bit system weathered the decade's technological storms, we think the Game Boy Advance is here to stay, and we're glad. --Porter B. Hall

    Unit Specifications

    • CPU: 32-bit RISC CPU with embedded memory
    • Screen: 2.9-inch reflective TFT color LCD
    • Display Size: 1.6 by 2.4 inches (40.8 by 61.2 mm)
    • Resolution: 38,000 pixels in a wide-screen aspect ratio (10,000 per square inch)
    • Colors: 512 simultaneous colors from a palette of 32,768
    • Size: 3.2 by 5.6 by 1 inch (82 by 144.5 by 24.5 mm)
    • Weight: Approximately 5 ounces (140 grams)
    • Power Supply: 2 AA alkaline batteries
    • Battery Life: Approximately 15 hours continuous play
    ... Read more


    • Platform: Game Boy Advance
    • Includes Pok√©mon Crystal for GBA & GBC

    Reviews (367)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Very Good
    I used to own a game boy color, but i updated to a gba, for the better sound and graphics. I found that the ONLY downside is that it has no backlight. I am going to buy a gba light and sheild asap to fix that, and i will reveiw it too. I am just starting to collect games, as i only have one, but i am hoping it will be a long time before i get bored and get a gba sp. the price is good, but if you really want a good experience, and you have the money, get a Nintendo DS. My brother has one, and he enjoys it. The downside to a DS is they only have 3 or 4 good games out.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Good...........but outdated sad but true
    The game boy advance is definetly better than a game boy color.Bigger screen, smaller game consoles, and better grafics.Why only 3 stars.Well, this system just can't compare to the new psp or nintendo ds.If you want a cheap gaming console, this might be the way to go. It is inexpensive and has lots of games.If you however don't mind spending a little (or a lot) more money than you should propably go with the psp if you are older or the nintendo ds if you are like under 12. Like I said this was worth it like 3 or 4 years ago but just like the game boy color before it, this system is getting old.

    2-0 out of 5 stars hello
    this game boy sucks it close and it has horible should get the nintendo ds

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great System after 3 years
    I am here to say that I am not too big on the whole SP idea. I bought a Platinum SP about 2 years ago when they first hit shelves and I can't honestly say it was the greatest purchase I made. If you ever have time to kill, go on Ebay and compare what you can get a Regular Model for to what you pay for a SP. There is no comparison, for lack of a better word I'd have to say looking back on it that the SP was overhyped and priced. The controls give a sick feeling of clausterphobia and the light is something useful only to those that take long trips day-in and day-out. I recently was able to purchase a 3rd GBA system on ebay for the jaw-dropping price of $35.00, and the real shocker was that the system was BRAND NEW. The original GBA model had the SP beat in so many ways it is hard to look back on it and think what a mistake I made for ever buying the SP. This system is the complete deal, I wouldn't pay the listing price of $70.00 for it, but if you find a bargain like I did, go for it. The graphics are crisp and it too is small enough to just slip in a pocket, I wouldn't recomend storing it in a pocket because of the scratches it may cause. The light is the only thing that the SP has over the standard system. I personally believe that the GBA regular has better battery life than an SP. I am playing Zelda Minish Cap on a system that came out 3 yrs ago and is still running strong. Over the past years I've played it, I've played some of the best games on any console such as Metroid Zero Mission and Fusion, not to mention the Castlevania series which in my opinion ranks as one the best series for any system to date. With games like these becoming harder to find, it sure would be nice to find more regular GBA's on a store shelf...

    4-0 out of 5 stars Steller Handheld with steller line ups
    Put it simply...this is a great edition to the nintendo franchise.Advance has a great line up of games like
    Metroid Zero Mission
    Advance Wars
    The Mario Games and Zelda games.Awesome must have handheld for this year, and if you don't already have it get SP then!

    4.9 out of 5...A great hand held to own.. ... Read more

    12. Luigi's Mansion
    list price: $49.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005Q8LR
    Catlog: Video Games
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Sales Rank: 310
    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    Luigi has a lot of work to do in his very first starring role. He needs to find his missing brother Mario in a creepy and mysterious haunted mansion. Armed only with a flashlight and a customized vacuum cleaner, he must rid the mansion of ghosts and save the day. Made in USA. ... Read more


    • Platform: GameCube
    • ESRB Rating: E for Everyone
    • Ages 6 and up

    Reviews (422)

    4-0 out of 5 stars IT'S VACUUMIN TIME!!!!!!!
    I love this game. Last summer I played it all the time!!!! This game rocks!!!

    4-0 out of 5 stars what the?
    did luidi do something wrong like get bad grades or something and drop out of school and ended up being a plummer? well yea i guess he's been grounded for like a billion years from being a star of any game and if he IS a star in one the word "MARIO" is in the title and this game "luigi's mansion" oh yeaaaa he has a mansion and since he's grounded from bad grades people he has to clean the whole house with a vacum

    3-0 out of 5 stars Luigi's Mansion... Not Much of an Adventure to Get Into
    I've always grown up liking Mario and so when I got this game I was rather excited to see what it was all about. However, when I did get it, I was rather disappointed with what I got.

    There's nothing much too special about this game: You will beat this game in a matter of hours. The bosses are terribly easy, and even the puzzles that surround the mansion aren't that challenging.

    There are lots of things that annoy me about this game. First of all, Luigi moves so slowly. It's not like other Mario games where you can run extremely quickly or even fly in the air. Instead you just shuffle around on the ground. Boring.

    The second thing I didn't like was you don't see a lot of the other characters you're used to seeing. I didn't see Yoshi in there, or Princess Toadstool. Instead you say a wacky Professor that just gives you a vaccume and annoys you with his chatter. Then of course you see the Boos, Mario, Toad, and Bowser but other than those characters that's about it. Quite sad.

    Finally the last thing that I really didn't enjoy was the whole brightness of this game- it's too dark. I like to have parts in the game where there are some brightness, but you won't find that with this game. The only good positive about the game were the general graffics, but it's ruined with the darkness.

    The music is not what it could have been, you'll get annoyed very quickly with it, and after you play through it the first time, it just gives you an option of repeating the same adventure you went through for some 'bonuses' in the game... but for me, when I went through it once, why would I go through the same mansion and the same exact puzzles again?

    Go rent another video game (I'd suggest Zelda). This one isn't worth renting, and especially not buying, unless if you are a huge fan of Mario.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Very fun, very cute little game
    While Mario gets zillions of games to himself every year, it's not often that Luigi gets his own lead, unless you count 1993's MARIO IS MISSING on the SNES.

    In this cool little game, Luigi goes Ghostbusting in a haunted mansion (one of those Scooby-Doo types) that he has mysteriously won in a competition he didn't even enter. The mansion is crawling with spooks of all kinds but Luigi get's help from a crackpot inventor living nearby. Now armed with a special vacuum cleaner, Luigi must clear every room in the mansion and find his missing brother, who has apparently vanished inside.

    The gameplay is simple and very easy to get the hang of. Some of the rooms you clean up require some extra investigation and puzzle solving so be sure to check everything (I though the piano room was a cool puzzle to solve) and use your Gameboy Horror to have a good look round.

    The graphics in Luigi's Mansion may not be up to the standard of Super Mario Sunshine but they're still very, very smooth and look amazing. Some of the SFX look highly realistic and there's no loading times at all between scenes. The music sounds like it's been done on a Commodore 64 and doesn't sound all that great but it's a cute little theme and I thought it was very funny when Luigi would whistle it whenever it wasn't playing.

    The mansion itself isn't that big and you'll finish the game in about a week, but when you have this much fun playing it is still worthwhile.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Finally! A true Luigi game for GCN!
    Luigi's mansion is quite fun and fairly difficult game that has puzzles, ghost catching and entertaining boss fights. And it has two difficulty settings so once you go and beat the game you can play again only with a more powerful vacumn so that you will be able to handle the tougher ghosts of the higher difficulty.
    As for the graphics on this game they are great especially the lighting and dust effects that go on while your playing.
    For instance when you use the vacumn or knock on a wall you will notice realistic looking dust that acts like you would expect in
    real life. And when you shine your flashlight around a dark room
    you will see shadows from chairs, candle sticks and best of all they really move and grow larger or smaller as you move around the room! As for replay value I would say it's fairly high as once you beat it you can start from the beggining with more difficult ghosts and at the end the more money you have from collecting the better your prize. However once you have beat both difficulty levels and received the best surprise you will start to grow tired of it. All in all I would highly reccomend this game to Gamecube owners looking for a fun adventure that will keep you entertained for a long time to come. ... Read more

    13. Star War Battlefront (Mac)
    by Lucas Arts Entertainment Co. LLC
    list price: $49.99
    our price: $47.49
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0006B64V2
    Catlog: Video Games
    Manufacturer: Lucas Arts Entertainment Co. LLC
    Sales Rank: 557
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    14. Super Mario World
    list price: $34.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005UK88
    Catlog: Video Games
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Sales Rank: 220
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    While planning the perfect vacation on Dinosaur Island, things go awry for Mario and Luigi when they learn that Princess Peach has been kidnapped again by the ever-diabolical Bowser. Being chivalrous plumbers, Mario and Luigi set out on a massive adventure to rescue their long-time friend. To reach their goal, they'll have to crush Bowser's evil Koopalings and solve some of the most challenging puzzles they've ever faced. ... Read more


    • Platform: Game Boy Advance
    • ESRB Rating: Everyone
    • Genre: Action/Adventure

    Reviews (251)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Polishing a classic
    There's pretty much a debate on the best Super Mario game: Super Mario 3, Super Mario World or Yoshi's Island(but you control Yoshi instead). Some might say Mario 64 but the lack of gameplay moves doesn't hold a candle to the many gameplay mechanics each one of the 3 provide. So we delve into one of them: Super Mario World.

    Story: What little story there is. As usual, Princess Peach gets kidnapped(I swear that b**** needs bodyguards or take up karate or something). So it's up to Mario to save the day as he traverses worlds in caves, the chocolate level, underwater and in the air.

    Graphics: This is Super Nintendo graphics so granted these aren't stunning anymore. But it does have a nice vibrancy to it and the variety of the levels adds some nice changes to the scenery without being too repetitive.

    Sound/Music: I often call Nintendo good support music. Besides the Mario theme, nothing is really hummable yet it doesn't feel out of place. They added some voices for Mario and Luigi which as usual get annoying.

    Gameplay: I remember playing this on the SNES and I was so happy I cleared all 96 stages, got the Star Road finished, the secret areas and everything. Now I have to do it again, ugh. All the levels are here with some minor tweaks.

    It was this one I believe they introduced one of Mario's famous sidekicks: Yoshi, the green dinosaur who likes to eat anything and s**t it out and makes eggs that he can fling at people(only in Yoshi's Island and maybe some others). He also turned into a different colored Yoshi depending on what he ate. So red turtles gave him abilities to shoot fireballs while one enabled him to fly and another gave a slight earthquake quality when he bounced.

    Mario 3 wins in turns of transforming Mario. In 3, he had the tanooki suit(that raccoon), the frog suit, that shoe, not to mention the fire flower and the leaf, capable of making him fly. With this one he gets the fire flower and the feather, giving him a yellow Superman cape where he can fly. It's different than the leaf cause that just made him soar straight up while here you can fly across. He can glide down by just holding the button while in 3 you had to repeatedly hit it.

    The Mario Advance ports are great for us old school gamers who remembers playing Chrono Trigger, Uniracers and Final Fantasy III(officially VI but that's another story). Don't forget about Mario 3 and Yoshi's Island too.

    5-0 out of 5 stars This is an old classic, but it cannot overshadow Mario Bro 3
    The game is good and then some. There is so much to do, you may never do it all.
    The story is that Peach is not in the witness protection program and gets kidnapped once again. You and Luigi must save her.
    On the map you can alternate between Luigi and Mario just by a press of a button. All in all, it does not matter. The game is no harder or easier. Luigi has a better jump but is slower than Mario.
    In the levels your goal is to get to the end without dying. The twist in this game is that any red dot on the map means there is more than one exit. And many of them are hard to find. Upon finding them, you are able to gain access to a different path on the map.
    This is a must. You will see dotted lines everywhere in a certain color. What you must do is find a certain special exit and you get to go to a block palace. They will fill in the lines with blocks that match the colors. Now these blocks give you access to new places and sometimes save your life.
    Running around in the levels, you get four different powerups and they vary from mushroom to stars. If you had Mario before, you know what they do. The new addition is Yoshi. He can add an extra hit to your life and eat enemies and more! Plus, by special exits, you can go to star world. Beating a level there the right way will give you access to a new yoshi. Some will turn enemies eaten into fire while others can fly when they have any enemy in their mouth. They appear at random
    The bosses can be brutal. Each boss either has three or four hits. You must find the special way to beat them. This will be easy, but causes you to keep readjusting throughout the game.
    You may never do everything.
    You need help to do everything. So buy a strategy guide.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Best Game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For a gamer like me, that is, someone who likes basic yet chalenging games, this is a must.Its fun never wears away, because there's always something new to do.Play either as Mario, who is fast but a bad jumper, or Luigi who jumps far and high.I love this game!!!!!!!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars My all time favorite Mario game.
    This game is the greatest Mario game I have ever played. All the Mario's seem to have gone down hill to me since this 4th installment. But now that this classic SNES game has been revived and upgraded to the GBA, its back, and even better then ever!

    There is a few differences between this and the SNES version, but they just make this version better!!! Theres a few new halfway markers, theres 5 Yoshi coins to collect on each stage, and when your found them all you get princess coins... but everything is still there and just as much fun as ever. I only wish I could program some add ons into it somehow.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Super Mario, Super Good
    Super Mario world is the best gameboy game I have ever played!
    The levels are hard, but no so hard that you stay on one level for a month. Some of the levels, are a bit frustrating though. Some examples would be the "big green goop balls",The boos, and the big boo who are in some ghost houses. They are impossible to defeat and you cannot touch them without losing your special ability or life! Also,there are some enemys not mentioned on the "Denizens of Dinosoar Land" paper, like the "skeleton birds". I think the music for this game is good, but others might say it's cheesy. It's fun to ride "Mr. Dinosoar"a.k.a Yoshi, but the controls are hard to learn for him, and regular Mario/Luigi. It might be easier for some people, because I am a person who likes to not read instruction booklets. Some of the graphics are funny, like when you do a run jump your belly comes forward, and if you collect a certain item you inflate like a balloon, and when Luigi jumps, h wiggles his feet! You can "cheat" on certain levels by using a cape to fly across the sky of the level, avoiding most enemies. ... Read more

    15. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight
    by Microsoft
    list price: $29.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B000096KDT
    Catlog: Video Games
    Manufacturer: Microsoft
    Sales Rank: 206
    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    FLIGHT SIM 2004 CENT/FIT WIN32 EN DVD BOX CD ... Read more


    • Dynamic weather system based on realistic atmospheric physics, with true three-dimensional clouds that form and dissipate, and automatic real-world weather updates when you're connected to the Internet.
    • Weather "themes" that generate a wide variety of stunningand challengingflying conditions with just a few clicks of a mouse
    • Enhanced interactive air traffic control (ATC), including traffic at all airports around the world (including non-towered airports), altitude changes en route, pop-up IFR clearances, and precision and non-precision approaches to multiple runways
    • Interactive 3D "virtual" cockpitstune radios and operate key aircraft controls and avionics by pointing and clicking in the virtual cockpit view.
    • Scenery improvements, including taxiway and runway signs, enhanced auto-gen 3D objects, more high-detail airports, and improved lighting and sky effects

    Reviews (101)

    4-0 out of 5 stars The best FS till date!
    I've had MSFS2004 for the last 3 months and there's not a single day that I haven't played it. Its just that absorbing! Some reasons for this are much improved GPS navigation, more interactive ATC and ofcourse, the new airplanes.

    But I'm not a huge fan of classic aircraft, and I fly my favourite plane, the 737, all the time and it is an absolute joy to fly it on MSFS2004 with the new GPS system. Its accurate to the T for precision landings. The detail paid to accuracy is mindblowing, specially runways and airport layouts. I live in a relatively smaller city of India and I was stunned to find that the airport layout is almost exactly the same as the real one here!

    I do face some problems with the game, mainly with screen resolution which flickers when I have the game on high or ultra-high display settings. Also, external scenery transition isn't smooth with high display settings. Microsoft could also have done a better job with the aircraft paint jobs - the orange scheme of Soar Airlines is disgusting.


    - New additions like GPS and interactive ATC are excellent
    - Airports are accurately detailed (there are almost 25,000 of them!)
    - Good value for money


    - Doesn't work smoothly with high display settings. Images are not crisp
    - Cockpit graphics are substandard


    - If you're looking for some real challenge alongwith great scenery, try flying the ILS approaches into Princess Juliana Airport in St. Maarten, Madeira in Portugal, Male in the Maldives and Osaka Kansai Airport in Japan (built on an artificial island)
    - Try flying the polar route and check out the Northern Lights at night! Eg: Taipei-Anchorage, Moscow-New York etc.

    Also, I have a question which I hope readers can help me with. I'm unable to turn the aircraft left or right while on pushback. I've tried using the numbers 1 and 2 key as mentioned in the handbook, but it doesn't work. Can somebody help me with this? I would really appreciate the help.

    Enjoy this game!

    4-0 out of 5 stars Item Good Seller NOT
    I don't have a problem with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. As expected it's good. The store that is selling this particular item is the problem!

    I've seen where many customers have had good experiences when they get what they ordered from this company but those of us that didn't get what we ordered have had nothing but problems.

    Don't believe the advertised Limited Edition Tin box. It isn't! When trying to contact customer service: The first time the gentleman on the phone was nice and said a manager would reply the next day. The manager didn't. After a week I called, waited on hold for 22 minutes, the lady on the phone argued with me that the manager did reply by e-mail, although my inbox showed nothing from this company other than the original purchase verification. When I asked if it could be re-sent she said no. When I asked to speak to a manager, she said he was in a meeting. Her overall tone was rude and not at all helpful!

    When I finally received a return authorization number, I prepared the item for return and then wanted to make sure shipping would be reimbursed also. After e-mailing Gamestop 3 times, I finally got a reply and stated only the price of the item would be refunded. (Wow their e-mail actually reached me this time!)

    This company has no customer service as demonstrated by the false advertising, the rude associates, the difficult customer-company communication, and the fact that when they advertised a product and didn't deliver it as advertised, they feel that they are the ones who shouldn't live up to their promises. The $29.99 price is higher than even Amazon because you think they are selling the Limited Edition. Don't be fooled, save $5 and buy somewhere else.

    Bottom line: DON'T SUPPORT GAMESTOP OR PURCHASE FROM THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK! I know I'll never buy anything from them ever again!

    5-0 out of 5 stars best sim so far

    5-0 out of 5 stars Good Sim, But Remember the "Sim" Part!
    I have been using flight simulators since MS Flight Simulator 4.0, and have more diverse experience than only Microsoft's offering to call upon.While any simulator can be made quite realistic with the latest hardware and enough money, it is important to note that Microsoft's offering is no different - you cannot, as they say, make a silk purse out of a pig's ear.This means that if you're running an underpowered system, you will not be able to run the simulation optimally.

    Published system requirements:
    * Pentium 450 or greater processor
    * 64 MB RAM for 98/Me, 128 MB RAM for 2000/XP
    * 8 MB/3-D with DirectX 7.0 or later videocard
    * 1.8 GB hard drive space

    My recommendation:
    * P4 2.x GHz processor; the faster, the better
    * 512MB RAM, with ideally 1GB under the hood
    * 128MB / 256MB AGP video card that pushes TONS of pixels - the more, the better
    * At least 5GB free hard drive space - You'll want to do a full install, and that comes in just under 3GB (2.88GB, I think)

    I run on:
    * P4 3.0GHz processor
    * 1GB RAM
    * Windows XP PRO (SP1)
    * 256MB 8xAGP GeForce 5700 series NVidia video card
    * Sidewinder joystick (soon to go, thanks to some pedals and a yoke I ordered!)
    * On-board surround sound processor

    The software itself is practically infinitely extendable, with software and hardware add-ons supported.A quick look around in the flightsim community will support my assertion that the software is CHEAP compared to what can be done to augment it.Add-on packages are available to augment FS2004's admitidedly weak "ground mesh" mapping - flying through Norway's waterways and coasts with the default scenery is nothing next to the real thing, and pales in comparison to some of the add-on packages (both for photo-texturing and mesh-building) out there.But of course, these things cost money (sometimes), as does building and maintaining a system that can fully take advantage of the software.

    This is a SIMULATOR, remember - a dozen years ago something like this with a set of pedals and yoke would have been a BIG deal and far out of the reach of the home consumer.Now, as the bar of admission lowers, it is important to realize just how MANY numbers are being crunched every second (most of those in graphics routines), and spec a system appropriately.It might not be a multi-million dollar prospect to own any longer, but to adaquately run the simulator and get something "real" out of it, it is certainly not unheard of to run multi-head (throwing many monitors onto a machine) for a partial panoramic view - but, of course, realism comes at its price.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent tool
    This verison is better than ever and a great tool for learing to fly IFR. The dynamic weather is amazing to say the least.

    For fans of the other versions this is a must have. ... Read more

    16. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
    list price: $59.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00004U1R1
    Catlog: Video Games
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Sales Rank: 681
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (451)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Stange is good
    Majora's Mask is a strange game: while it is a direct sequel to Ocarina of Time, it is clearly a Zelda game of a very different shade.

    It begins with Link slowly trudging deep in the Lost Woods, with his trusty horse, Epona, when he is attacked by a masked and mischevious Skull Kid - who steals his precious Ocarina and Epona. Worse still, the Skull Kid turns Link into a Deku form of himself, and Link finds himself in a strange Mirror - like Hyrule. Things turn even worse when Link finds the moon slowly getting bigger over the course of 3 days...

    Majora's Mask features the very same Gameplay as Ocarina of Time, with a few exceptions. The entire course of the game is set within 3 days or 72 hours - and hours seem to pass like minutes, giving a player a total of just over an hour. While this may seem off-putting, it is implemented very well - people have set schedules over the course of the game, meaning you will be pottering around the Clock Town while not in dungeons, with the promise of an upgrade - or even a new mask.

    Masks, as the title suggests, play an important role - some make you run faster, talk to enemies, summen foes or sooth arguements and more. There are a total of 24 masks to collect, the reward being a mask containing "The Merits of all masks". The best of the masks are the ones that allow transformation. (Let's face it, who HASN'T dreamed of swimming as a Zora or rolling as a Goron) The Zora Mask, the Goron Mask and the Deku mask. they allow you to transforminto all your favourites from Ocarina, each with the gifts of the species - Super fast swimming, Incredible strength, and, er, spitting nuts.

    Majora's Mask is harder, darker and more original than Ocarina of Time - the unique aspects of the game are implemented very well but the way the game is played may be off-putting for some. Brilliant and totally original.

    P.S. the start bits kinda boring.

    5-0 out of 5 stars The darkest in the Zelda catalogue
    If only that damn site IGN didn't take my idea first. They described this game as the Empire Strikes Back in Zelda and it's true. It's more darker, more gloomy and at times it can even be depressing. Unlike Ocarina of Time which oozed coolness and wonderment or Wind Waker which was cheery and uplifting due to its look, Majora's Mask is quite different than other installments but in no way is it bad, it's just different.

    Story: I always considered this game more like an epilogue to Ocarina of Time rather than a full sequel. At the start of the game directly taking place after Ocarina, Link is in a forest and gets ambushed by Skull Kid and is turned into a Deku(they look like tiny trees with a long mouth) and enters a portal. From here Link finds himself in Termina, a land that is gonna be destroyed by a falling moon in 3 days. So it's up to Link once again to save the day using the powers of time and this weird masks.

    Graphics: Reviewing this game in 2005 with such games as Metroid Prime, Halo and Metal Gear Solid 3 of course puts Majora to shame but remembering the graphics at that time, it's more of an extension of Ocarina only darker and not as vibrant. Due to maybe the Expansion Pak or just the game itself, the game does have framerate issues and some rough textures. Beware that the Gamecube re-release on the Collector's Edition sometimes freezes the game.

    Gameplay: All Zelda games pretty much to this day revolved around some kind of "gimmick": in Ocarina it was time travelling, Wind Waker was controlling the wind, Minish Cap was the ability to shrink to thumbnail size and the Oracle series revolved around time travelling and season changing. Majora's Mask revolves around, yep you guessed it, masks. Link with the benefit of 24 masks(25 if you get all 24), Link can turn into different characters such as the Deku race, Goron race(big tough creatures with a taste for rocks) and the Zora race(fish people roughly). Or there's different masks like Postman, Ghost, or Bunny mask which makes him run faster.

    The other aspect for the 3rd time in Zelda's history revolves around time travelling, once in Ocarina and the other in Oracle of Ages. Only this time it's different. You see the game's clock makes 3 days take about roughly 50 minutes before the moon crashes so with the Ocarina you can go back to Day 1 and start over, even make the time go slower so you have more time. This is quite annoying to say the least since your funds, arrows and bombs revert to zero if you go back to Day 1, your items are intact, your extra stuff isn't. And also you could be in the middle of a dungeon to be really close only to be on the final day and have to reset to Day 1, which incidentally cancels any progress you made in the dungeon.

    Not to say the game is bad(it's just slightly hard) but it's quite enjoyable to go through, if you don't mind it's tone anyway.

    4-0 out of 5 stars very very good but,not as good as 'ocarina of time'
    I played the Legend of zelda ocarina of time in 1997,WHAT A YEAR THAT WAS!!!I had so much fun!then in gameinformer magazine the new preveiws page said that there was going to be a new game called 'the legend of zelda:majora's mask'it was about link going to a new land where the moon is falling and he has only 3 days to live and on the third day link has to play the song of time so that he can go back to the first day,I HAD TO HAVE IT!but then half a year later when it came out,I was very upset because when I played it,it was too easy and I beat it in almost a week!when I played'Ocarina of time'it took me almost two YEARS!but other then that it was a fun game,Very fun in fact.I really liked that you can upgrade your sword,when in 'ocarina of time'the master sword is what you see what you get!PROS TO MAJORAS MASK:There are lots of masks that you can get and they give powers(like fast running),you can upgrade your sword twice,there are new songs for link to play on his ocarina and there is a bank so link can have alot of money!CONS:you have to play 'the song of time'way to often because the moon is falling for some reason and you have only 3 days to live,finding more then half of the masks are very hard to find,the game has only four temples and they are all very hard way too short.but all in all this game is worth around $15.00,so if you like the other Zelda games try this one too!

    4-0 out of 5 stars Zelda
    A great game but it doesn't have the zelda magic if you want a good N64 Zelda I would get Ocarina of Time.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Amazing with a suprise in every repeat!
    This is truly an impressive game!Although many say this is the worst Shigeru has ever made in a Zelda game, I love this on top of all others.Although this game is repeated because of the 3 day repeat, I found that every time i traveled back, i was able to find something new to do.What other game designer can make three days, exactly the same, have so much differentiation between them. truly a work of art. ... Read more

    17. Nintendo GameCube Console - Indigo
    list price: $199.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005QEFF
    Catlog: Video Games
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Sales Rank: 1700
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    Though it looks like a toy, don't be fooled: the Nintendo GameCube is a powerful video game console that rightly deserves its place among the other next-generation game systems. In fact, its playful, appealing design and small size (the unit is a not-quite-cubed 6 inches) aren't the only features that set it apart from the others.

    For starters, Nintendo has quite clearly made this a game-only machine. It doesn't try to play your CD collection, run your movies, read your e-mail, or store your MP3 files. The company has concentrated its efforts on games. All the prelaunch titles we've seen play smoothly, with bright, fast graphics and great sound. Nintendo says its engineers have removed traditional bottlenecks that have, in the past, slowed down processing. New components designed by IBM and MoSys, as well as a large-capacity secondary memory cache, keep instructions moving through the system's microprocessor (MPU) at peak levels. In English: the GameCube is optimized to push speed up while pushing costs down; hence its position at the lower end of the price spectrum.

    The GameCube is the first Nintendo video game system to use a disc-based medium rather than cartridges for its games. Moving the software to disc media generally means lower development costs for the publishers, which, in turn, trickles down to the consumer not only in price, but also in availability and quality, as it's then easier to try out untested game ideas (Pikmin, anyone?). While most other systems likewise have their games stored on discs, the GameCube's 3-inch format is smaller than everyone else's, and is so designed to fit in a shirt pocket as much as to deter would-be software pirates.

    Of course, the main advantage of the GameCube is that it's the home field of one of the world's premier game designers: Nintendo. While powerhouses Electronic Arts and Sega make games for all systems (including this one), you can play Nintendo games only on a Nintendo system. And Nintendo, you might recall, has been hitting them out of the park since it started with Donkey Kong. In fact, here's a roll call of characters and series you won't find on the other consoles: Mario, Legend of Zelda, Perfect Dark, Metroid, Kirby, and, of course, Pokémon. A few names that the GameCube will share with the other guys: Madden, Tony Hawk, Sonic, Batman, and Star Wars.

    The system also comes with four built-in controller ports, so you can easily plug in extra controllers and let friends join in for the multiplayer games--it's even got a built-in handle so you can easily move it to a friend's house. It comes with two memory card slots for saving your progress through games, and there's the capacity for future expansion into the world of online gaming.

    In short, the GameCube isn't an all-in-one entertainment system, and neither is it the most powerful of the modern video game consoles. But for video game enthusiasts who want to stick with their favorite characters, its value cannot be beat. --Porter B. Hall

    Unit Specifications

    • MPU (Microprocessor Unit): 485 MHz custom IBM PowerPC Gekko
    • Graphics Processor: 162 MHz custom ATI/Nintendo Flipper
    • Texture-Read Bandwidth: 10.4 GB per second (peak)
    • Main Memory Bandwidth: 2.6 GB per second (peak)
    • Pixel Depth: 24-bit color, 24-bit Z buffer
    • Sound Processor: 81 MHz custom Macronix 16-bit DSP
    • Sound Performance: 64 simultaneous channels, ADPCM encoding
    • Polygon Performance: 6 to 12 million polygons per second (peak)
    • System Memory: 40 MB
    • Main Memory: 24 MB MoSys 1T-SRAM
    • Disc Drive: 128 ms CAV (Constant Angular Velocity) system
    • Data Transfer Speed: 16 Mbps to 25 Mbps
    • Media: 3-inch, 1.5 GB capacity disc
    • Controller Ports: Four
    • Memory Card Slots: Two
    • Audio-Video Output: Analog and digital
    • Dimensions: 4.3 by 5.9 by 6.3 inches (height by width by depth)
    ... Read more


    • External bandwidth of 3.2GB/sec, for really fast gameplay
    • It also includes 64 sound channels -- you'll feel like you're in the game, with the top-quality audio
    • The new 485MHz processor makes loading & starting the games faster than ever -- no more long load times!
    • The processor is also capable of creating 6 to 12 million ploygons per second -- no more slowdowns in the middle of the game!
    • Supports instructions for incredible effects -- your games will be brighterm faster, and more dramatic than ever before

    Reviews (487)

    5-0 out of 5 stars You are right and wrong 1 star folks
    Okay,I agree with you,this system is sort of childish. But the what you call "childish games" are suppose to be fun for adults. Let me give you some examples.

    Mario Kart: Double Dash!!: My mom loves this game!

    Super Monkey Ball: Fun for all ages (and adults)

    There's millions and millions of examples,too much.

    Now that I've told you why you are wrong,let me tell why you are right. Okay,I goota admit,there is didly squat of rated M games,and Rated T games are like rated E. Overall,this system is great. I'd reccomend it. If you have have some extra cashola,buy the best system of the year,DS. Make sure to get SM64 DS as well.

    P.S X-Box and PS2 sulks,I like Play Station better then the newies.

    5-0 out of 5 stars the affordable gamecube
    Today I finally purchased a gamecube from a local retailer on sale for just 97$ w/ a free game, Metroid Prime 2(50$ game currently). I figured I then only paid 47$ for the system itself adding in the bundle. (I really wanted the metroid 2 echoes game too) I chose the metallic "platinum" color over the ugly plain jane black one. For me nintendo has far too many kiddie games and just a couple I'd be interested in, but my wife and kid like all the kiddie stuff and I already own an XBOX & PS2 that have more games for the teen/adult gamer. The 3 systems will entertain our family until the hype ends over the upcoming "next-gen" systems (Revolution, 360, & PS3)and they have price drops into 100-150$ each and have 20$ games available as well. If you get a gamecube I'd suggest adding the 1019 memory card for it(30$) and also an S-Video cable from monster cable. I really like the compact size of the gamecube, but I don't really care for the akward styling of it's controller very much, the N64's controller was pretty weird too w/ it's "3rd leg". It's also nice to see nintendo finally using discs instead of old-school cartridges. I was considering a Nintendo DS, but I couldn't justify spending more for a portable system w/ less powerful graphics than a highly rated home console like the gamecube. Maybe the DS will have a price drop down to what the advantage costs now(80$). The PSP is way too overpriced for me to even consider it and it's weak battery life and fragile LCD are major drawbacks to me. Anyways I'm happy w/ my decision, the gamecube is a quality system and you can get a system and games cheap now.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Best system
    This is the best system currently out. It has all the classics and is more fun than the other systems.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Highly recommended.
    Any fan of the Nintendo 64 needs this console to add more depth and knowlegde to their already large collection of games. I highly recommended a Gamecube for any fan. And soon the Gamecube Revolution will be released making another ultimate console due out in the future.

    1-0 out of 5 stars listen up, fanboys...
    all you nintendo fanboys are cramping up the xbox reviews. thats our turf! :p but anyway,you say "oh, the crapbox (wow thats clever) is so bad, all the games are just rippoffs, and they're all for pc, and the controller is huge, and this and that and whatever" well, gamecube stinks even worse. i mean, what games do you have for it? animal crossing? pokemon staduim? please. what's that? there are 'mature' games for it? resident evil series, thats it. name ONE 1st party nintendo game that's rated M. you can't. conker doesnt count, he's from rare. or perfect dark, thats rare too. and rare went over to microsoft anyway when they saw how bad gamecube was doing. even the system itself looks like a Playschool product. who makes a purple console? and to the one who said 'xbox players are losers and loners with no friends', that's gamecube's territory. i'm not gonna call the guys over to play a heart-pounding game of butterfly catching on animal crossing. oh, and nintendo STILL HASN'T GONE ONLINE. xbox live is the greatest online gaming service around. and the xbox controller has gotten progressively smaller as time has gone by. and 3rd parties make controllers that are even smaller than gamecube's. so lets see, if i want Billy Hatcher's Giant Egg i'll get gamecube. if i want GTA AND Halo 2 AND just about every other game you could want, i'll get xbox. ... Read more

    18. Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Expansion Pack for PC/Macintosh
    by Vivendi Universal Games
    list price: $29.99
    our price: $18.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00008ODBQ
    Catlog: Video Games
    Manufacturer: Vivendi Universal Games
    Sales Rank: 175
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    After Archimonde and the Burning Legion were defeated at the battle of Mount Hyjal, a new threat rises throughout the land and it's up to you to defeat it. ... Read more


    • ESRB Rating: Teen
    • Genre: Strategy
    • Mission: Experience a vast new chapter in the epic Warcraft saga
    • Platform: Mac OS 9.0 or higher, OS 10.1.3 or higher; Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

    Reviews (88)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great addition to a great game!
    When I first went to my friend's house to play Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos, I had lots of fun! I didn't enjoy the normal maps too much, sadly, and I wasn't really looking forward to buying the game.

    Then, I went online with my free account and downloaded a player-made map. I really loved the map, so I decided I'd save up and buy Warcraft 3. The game kept me entertained on and off. I'd play it for hours on end, then I'd stop for about 2 weeks, then go back to play it again! New maps are made almost every week, as players love to find fame. I, myself, have made a number of maps.

    Anyway, when my friend got the expansion pack, I played a few Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne maps at his house. WOW! They were great! I couldn't stand having the game without the expansion! So, I got my allowance, and bought the expansion!

    I recommend this to anyone who likes RTSes (real-time strategies) or even people who DISlike them, because the game could be called an "Action\Adventure Role-Playing Strategy Sports Driving Sim" or something! It's a multi-genre!

    4-0 out of 5 stars good stuff
    this is definatly a good expansion set, just like the regular Warcraft3 itself. if you beat the first one, i suggest you buy this. graphics improved, more gameplay, and more fun. online action is great, including 1 new hero per race. i love this game and so does everyone i know who owns it.

    5-0 out of 5 stars 1 year of frozenthrone playing and im not yet tired of it
    Alright people that think this game is boring and it should have a Naga race and a Drenei race is stupid. I mean it would be pretty fun, but it would take lots of balancing and stuff Humans, nighrelves, undead, and orc are enough and the game is fun enough with out those other 2 races. I mean u can still play as adrenei or naga in the single player...and even on custom games...i was playing open rpg islands and i was a naga and i was swimmin anround shootin things with the naga seaweitch. The game really isnt that hard to play when u get used to it. Heros make everythign so intense and exciting which is why when ur fighting the enemy you really should take out the hero then work on the units.

    The thing that i kinda hate about warcraft frozen throne and warcraft roc is the crap. he just got cheaper in this patch i mean now he can run through my units. Im always undead...and if youve been undead race u know what im talking about. Death to that dam blademaster. BUT finaly, they just got 2 new heros in a patch a alchemist and a firelord. I am very impressed with the alchemist he can take on the bladeamster pretty well.Anyways, people been saying how starcraft is better then warcraft and im like why? they say because its too shiney. I'm like ok...period over gotta go to enxt epriod...get this game ur kids will liek it buy it!! wee!!!!!!!!!!!Sinferno rulez!!!

    4-0 out of 5 stars Tried and true style of game works yet again
    There really isn't much original about the Warcraft 3 game, and its expansion Frozen Throne campaign.It's yet another clone of itself/StarCraft/Ages Of Empires, etc. etc. etc. where you build, upgrade, build some more, upgrade, start sending your forces out, upgrade, replenish your forces, upgrade, repel enemies that may be attacking your base(s), start wiping out major concentrations of enemies, replenish your forces and complete any upgrades not already made, and finish off all your enemies.This has been done a hundred times before, and I'm sure it's not the last strategy game which will use the same method.The hero unit in Warcraft is cool, though.

    The game is really easy to start, and gently eases you into the game.The cutscene movies are incredible, the best I've ever seen in a game.It's hard to say which campaign was the best, but I'd have to say it's a toss up between the Orc and Night Elf ones.I didn't like the Undead campaign, but the summoning of buildings was kinda neat.

    I did get tired of hearing "Frostmourne hungers" everytime I moved my Undead hero, though.

    4-0 out of 5 stars the beast at this game beassssssssst
    Warcraft is my favorite computer game. It has a lot of fun especially when you kill your allies. I'm level 100 because I play every minute of my life except for now and when I'm at school. When I play nobody messes with me. I'm the best person you could find on the game except for my brother. You should definitely buy this game. ... Read more

    19. Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel
    by Her Interactive
    list price: $19.99
    our price: $15.00
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B000096B0J
    Catlog: Software
    Manufacturer: Her Interactive
    Sales Rank: 85
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    A curse has closed Captain's Cove Amusement Park! Someone has stolen one of the carved wooden horses from the park carousel, despite old tales that say bad luck will befall the park if the horses are ever separated. At first Nancy Drew believes the disappearance is tied to an unsolved jewel theft... but is the carousel hiding another secret, too?

    Like all of the Nancy Drew mysteries from Her Interactive, Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel is a first-person role playing game that lets players explore its richly imagined amusement park setting while solving the spate of mysterious incidents that have shut down the park. Featuring well-drawn characters, some tough but satisfying puzzles, arcade games, and plenty of thrills, this game is sure to satisfy.

    Though the game design and artwork have the winsome flavor of the original Nancy Drew novel series, the tools the teen sleuth has to work with are utterly modern. A cell phone keeps players in touch with faithful friends like George, Bess and even the Hardy Boys. Nancy's laptop lets you pick up helpful e-mails that assist in analyzing clues.

    The game informs as it entertains. As players unravel the mystery they also learn a few basics about electrical repair, carousel design history, the uses of a lathe, and decoding old stenographic documents. In this way, The Haunted Carousel seamlessly and safely allows girls to truly inhabit the role of Nancy--to be resourceful, clever, persistent and, of course, more than a little snoopy. Player confidence is only enhanced by the game's structure, which poses some tough challenges but also makes sure you have the tools to solve them, and provides lots of encouragement along the way.

    Captain's Cove is not without its dangers, however. Carelessness could plunge Nancy into a dangerous accident, which leads to getting her banned from the amusement park property. Fortunately, the game is very forgiving, allowing you to choose a "Second Chance" option that lets you revisit--and revise--any critical mistakes.

    Beautifully designed, true to its subject matter, and with a genuinely interesting mystery at its heart, Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel is a game that will have girls hungering for more.--Alyx Dellamonica ... Read more

    Reviews (579)

    3-0 out of 5 stars Yawn
    I've got to say; you have to have an interest in ancient culture to play this game. It gets pretty boring otherwise. Also, I am stuck at the part of the cave where you have to answer what Pacal was afraid of. I tried talking to the hospital-bound what's-his-name, but he didn't know and now the hospital is closed, apparently never to open again. This must be a glitch of some sort and it really annoyed me! This game is nearly impossible so you HAVE to use a hint website--overall, I think, the worst of the Nancy Drew games I've played so far.

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Final Scene
    I loved Final Scene so much!!!!!!!!!Well if you have never played Nancy Drew be aware there will be alot of traps!!!!!Well Final Scene is really about Nancy and a school reporter Maya Nguyen.The setting is at The Royal Palladium Theatere.I promise you will be hooked to this game,i know because i have solved it.You will never guesswho it is!Most of the rooms have lots of secret passage ways so be aware!Oh yeah they have millions of Secret Passage ways!The music is increidble!The game is timed on the 3 day!Because of the demolition.You have 3 days too find alot of clues well not in real life but in the game!!!!!!!!!Nancy Drew Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars My DDI review!
    I have to applaud the creators for the greatest gaming experience I have ever known in my short life!If this was a movie and I was Epert and Roper I'd give it ''two thumbs up''.You as Nancy are vacationing on a tiny island in the San Juan Island chain.But before you can kick up your feet for a relaxing day,Katie,the woman you're staying with's boat is vandalized!Who did it,and how is it tied in with the baby Killer Whale who showed up in the channel?That's the mystery to solve in Nancy Drew:Danger on Deception Island.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Nancy Rocks!!!
    Ok I've played and finished all the games and am awaiting the new one.These games are great!!!They are suspenseful and fun for girls 10 & up.The Final Scene is one of my favorites.I reccomend Ghost dogs of moon lake, Secret of Shadow Ranch and I also liked Danger on Deception Island.If you like puzzles and mysteries, you'll like Nancy Drew computer games.

    5-0 out of 5 stars NANCY DREW RULES!!!!!!
    I love the Nancy Drew games!The first one I ever did was Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. It was a challenge and so real it's frightening! I had to look up a few cheats for a few challenging parts but it was so hard to get away from the screen! The next Nancy Drew game I did (Treasure of the Royal Tower) was with a friend I had over. We were glued to the screen for hours! We solved it, and were very surprised to see who the culprit was!Now I started Secret in the Scarlet Hand, and I am probably halfway done with it. I suggest you get all three games, because they are addicting, and such a blast!I will be doing the Curse of Blackmoor Manor next. Oh one more thing, animation 5 stars, fun 5 stars, and customer happiness 5 stars! ... Read more

    20. Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Saga
    by LucasArts Entertainment
    list price: $19.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00006IJCP
    Catlog: Video Games
    Manufacturer: LucasArts Entertainment
    Sales Rank: 2581
    Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    Galactic Empire:Headed by Emperor Palpatine, the Galactic Empire represents the oppressive remnants of the Old Republic. The Galactic Empire has superior mechanized armies, including the mighty AT-ATs. It also commands legions of ruthless stormtroopers, the faceless enforcers of the Emperor. The Empire even plays host to a contingent of Sith Knights, skilled in the dark side of the Force, who are capable of bending any would-be insurgents to the Empire's cruel will.Rebel Alliance:Onc ... Read more


    • evel brings new wonders and new forces.
    • Accessible gameplay built upon the familiar RTS engine adapted from Ensemble's popular Age of Empires series
    • Use the scenario editor to create custom single- or multiplayer battlegrounds with virtually any Star Wars units and settings.Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns:
    • 14 original single-player combat scenarios
    • New civilizations

    Reviews (25)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Can't...stop....playing!
    This is an awesome game. The graphics could use improvement but the gameplay is fun. I can't stop playing this game its addictive. I played for 5 hours once and I didn't even know. If you like Star Wars as much as I do then BUY THIS GAME!

    3-0 out of 5 stars Not to Bad By mike
    I bought this game about 1 month ago, and it is'nt that bad. The graphics could be better, but the reality of the units as far as corresponding to the movies is good. After a while, the concept gets kind of repetitive, but the difference in units depending on the side does liven it up. Also, it's cool to be able to be different sides, rather than just the good guys.(I mean, come on, who doesn't want to kick some rebel dairiair with an AT-AT?) Anyway, the graphics will leave a 2-D aftertaste in your mouth, but for big starwars fans it's definetly worth 10.00 bucks.

    5-0 out of 5 stars It's Hiroshima all over again!
    this game is the most awsome game of its type i have ever played, and i own every one of the comand and coucer games and age of mythology, and this one woops all of them! it is a guarentied sucess among u and your froedns with its multyplayer buy it now!! its an awsome game!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Sweet! Oh YEAH!
    This is the best video game ever! It's even better than Dark Forces 2 Jedi Knight!I've only played demo but oh boy, do I love it! You can download the demo at Lucasarts,com/products/battlegrounds/default.htm . That is the adress for the home page of the game. When you get there, to the left side, there's a panel with different choices on it.Click downloads,and you'll see at the bottom of the page, two sites with the download is available.

    2-0 out of 5 stars game out in 2001-2002, still the graphics are horrible
    it lags a lot in graphics. the gameplay is neither good. interesting if you want to know more about the Star Wars stories from Episodes I, II, IV, V, & VI.

    i'd suggest to wait for the new RTS "Star Wars Empire at War" coming in 2005 made by the creators of "Command & Conquer Generals" (i'm not talking about publisher EA or Electronic Arts, i'm talking about the once Westwood Studios' programmers) ... Read more

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